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Coeliac Link Advertising

Market your gluten free products and services to the most targeted gluten free audience in New Zealand.

Coeliac Link is a full colour, 36+ page magazine, published quarterly by Coeliac New Zealand, that reaches around 10,000 people, which are mainly CNZ members with coeliac disease, family members, support people or others that are gluten free for other health reasons, or health professionals that are in some way involved with coeliac disease.

Until fairly recently gluten free food options were not readily available. Today however, people with coeliac disease not only enjoy and welcome the broader range of gluten free products available but are always looking for and seeking out new products.

Coeliac Link magazine provides its readers with the latest news and information including: 
Gluten free recipes 
The latest medical research 
 Dietitian's column
 Travel experiences
 Readers letters, stories and useful tips
 Dedicated kids section
 Updates on gluten free products and manufacturers

Advertising options include: 
Display ads 
A directory section 
Options to include inserts, advertorial and giveaways 

Coeliac Link is the ideal medium for product or brand launches and brand recognition to this niche market segment.

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Booking Deadlines 2016/17

Autumn 2017          
20 March
10 February
17 February
Winter 2017            
5 June 28 April
5 May                         
Spring 2017           
4 September                
28 July 4 August                
Summer 2017         
4 December 27 October 3 November

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